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We are an importer of resistors for industrial machinery. resistance type band resistance cartridge type high concentration resistance cartridge type low concentration tubular censors accessories.

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The search for "BANCO INDUSTRIAL" did not yield any results in Quiché, Guatemala.

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Resistencias Electricas de Centroamerica

We are an importer of resistors for industrial machinery.
Resistance type band
Resistance cartridge type high concentration
Resistance cartridge type low concentration
Accessories and more.
4av 3-02 zona 10 Mixco Lomas San Jacinto - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Dra de Paz Médico Especialista

Medical clinic specializing in surgery, emergency 24 hours
Edificio los Pinos segundo nivel arriba del Banco Industrial Panajachel Solola - Sololá - Guatemala
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Taller en Radiadores Pèrez

Manufacturing, service and repair technicians of all types of radiators for vehicles and agricultural machinery and industrial full line of capacitors, hoses, clamps, plugs, coolant, pure tin and composite sheets More...
Kilometro 89.5 carretera al pacìfico Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa Escuintla - Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa - Escuintla - Guatemala
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Garrafon filling facility, water treatment industrial process consulting, parts and more.
43 avenida 20-39 Zona 5 Colonia Saravia - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Grupo Freydell

Company dedicated to various services, such as telecommunications, electricity, construction and industrial cleaning work is done throughout the republic of Guatemala and beyond.
2a. avenida 30.37, zona 12, colonia El Carmen - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Comaso S.A.

Filters donaldson, industrial air cleaners, filters for agriculture, filters, filters for mining, filters donaldson Guatemala, filters for the construction.
5 Avenida "A" 04-60 Zona 21 Colonia Morse - Guatemala - Guatemala
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EYP, Electricidad y Pintura

- Residential electrical services, commercial and industrial high, medium and low voltage. Supervision of projects and preventive maintenance.
- Remodeling, design and construction, paint application, tablayeso, etc..
1calle 34-81 zona 7 Colonia Toledo Guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Proveedora Industrial RR

Industrial maintenance and assembly, industrial
-Metal structures
"Mineral wool
14 avenida b 15-20 zona 6 - Guatemala - Guatemala
Rpte: Alfonso Rodas
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Facilities residential commercial and industrial gas cylinder sale for barbecue cylinder filling, new cylinder gas regulators etc accessories.
Carretera a el salvador - Santa Catarina Pinula - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Serteel. Servicios Técnicos Eléctricos

Serteel is a company with domiciliary sevicios industrial electrical technicians, installation of all types of water pumps, with or without hydro, automated systems, installation of water tanks in low floor More...
Justicia Cabecera. Col el Paraíso. - Jutiapa - Guatemala
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Constructora Diarco

Our construction company Diarco housing, industrial warehouses, land movement , the 2nd division with gypsum board is built. levels , parking placement Cobblestone , tile floor, all about building .
4ta. calle 1-23 zona 3 - Chimaltenango - Guatemala
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Sale, repair and maintenance of washers, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioning and industrial equipment.
3era. Avenida 7-25 Zona 11 Barrio la Libertad Contiguo a cancha sintetica, Cobán Alta Verapaz - Alta Verapaz - Guatemala
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Fumigadora Centroamericana

Control insect and rodents, pest control pets and gardens, residential, industrial commercial service 7 days a week throughout the years, personal service.
15 calle A 10-01 Condominio Villas de Minerva Zona 11 de Mixco - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Servicios Electricos Industriales

Projects and engineering services and industrial and residential electrical installations, offering a quality service in supervision, skilled labor, equipment and materials at competitive prices, committing ourselves to our clients in More...
3 calle o-57 zona 4 mixco monserrat 1 - Mixco - Guatemala - Guatemala
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We are dedicated to professional pest control and industrial cleaning.
0 Av. 7-25 zona 7, Quetzaltenango - Quetzaltenango - Guatemala
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Fumigadora sin Plagas

Professional Solutions in pest control for residential, commercial and industrial.
Contact us and get rid of pests:
Cockroaches, ants, fleas, ticks, spiders, bugs, rats, mice, slugs, snails, lobsters, and many more.
guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Almelsa S A

Everything on wheels: car, bus, agricultural, industrial, rings, tubes, services.
41 C 0-57 A Zona 12 Aguilar Batres Monte Maria I - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Sistemas Energéticos Centroamericanos, S.A.

Alternative fuel generators, microgeneration sector to industry, oil industry equipment and automotive, industrial oxygen plants and medicinal, industrial safety equipment for fire suppression.
6a. Avenida 0-60 Zona 4, Centro comercial Zona 4 2do. nivel of. 232 - Guatemala - Guatemala
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We were born with the initiative to provide large and small industries in their production consumables used in the field of mechanics, such as electrodes, welding machines, metal markers, Professional More...
33 avenida 7-77 zona 7 TikalII - Guatemala - Guatemala
Rpte: Otto Danilo Gaitan
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Spectrum Mecanica Industrial

Mechanical Maintenance teams and production processes.
Maquinamos all kinds of parts in steel and engineering plastics.
We manufacture and we enable all kinds of machinery.
Hydraulic systems, pneumatic, automation,
17 calle 7-04 zona 12 - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Servicio Tecnico Profesional

Repair of all type of commercial and industrial white line, domestic servants, like also sale of the same.
26 Calle 21-01 zona 05 - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Servicios Y Ventas Industriales, S.A

We are an American company that operates in Guatemala, dedicated to the design and manufacture of machinery and equipment for the food industry, livestock and pharmaceutical chemistry. also provide technical More...
Km.22 Carretera al Pacifico, lote 542 y 543 Colonia Covinta, Barcenas, Villa Nueva Zona 3, Guatemala Centro América. - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Serviios Tecnicos Industriales

Company dedicated to the civil engineering, metal hardware , paint and Samblas .
- Escuintla - Guatemala
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Venequip, S.A.

Hydraulic systems industrial hydraulic equipment repair heavy equipment, tunnels and assembly machinery, spare parts for pumps and hydraulic motors, seals and retainers.
Avenida Hincapie 16-75 zona 13 - Guatemala - Guatemala
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American Ozone Filter

Importer of water filter-purifiers.
Residential with ozone.
Industrialist: complete systems of treatment purification of the water from 1 to 100 gallons minute.
20 calle 15-80 zona 10 - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Enfoque Industrial

Distribution of industrial footwear and personal protective equipment for industry
1a. Ave. 2-44, Zona 2 Fraijanes, Guatemala - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Grupo Electromecánico Profesional, S.A.

"Electrical Installations, Industrial, Residential, etc.
-Telephone Networks.
35 Av. 1-17, zona 11. - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Tecni- industriales

Manufacture, repair, modification, parts and industrial machinery. Torno brushed Mig tig welding rectifier special etc. Everything in the field of stainless steel, engineering plastics, and food grade ferrous any bronze, More...
- Mixco - Guatemala - Guatemala
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Our company is engaged in the manufacture of cleaning products by product introductions area is oriented to domestic, industrial, and hotel.
- Sacatepéquez - Guatemala
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MultiServicios El Aguila

We are a company dedicated to the repair, installation and maintenance of plumbing in general and industrial residential electrical installations, blacksmith shop generally, paintings of houses and / or offices, More...
33 ave. zona 7 Ciudad Capital - Guatemala - Guatemala
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The search for "BANCO INDUSTRIAL" did not yield any results in Quiché, Guatemala.

We provide you with relevant information from nearby regions.

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